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Cup of Tea

Peer Support

Our coordinators and volunteers can provide non-judgmental emotional and social support.

We provide trauma-informed care to reduce the stigma associated with abortion care.

If you would like to speak with someone who has had an abortion, we can also connect you with a peer support volunteer.

Waiting Room

Appointment Support

If you request in-person support, our volunteers can accompany you to the clinic or hospital. While our volunteers are not permitted in the room during the procedure, they can remain in the waiting area.

If you would like a volunteer to provide in-person non-medical support with a medication abortion, please get in touch with us.



Our volunteers can provide you with transportation to and/or from your appointment. 

We can also offer gas cards, funding for taxis, bus fare and when needed, airfare.

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If you have to travel and need a place to stay, or if you require a private place to complete a medication abortion, we can help.

We can help you find accommodations, and if needed, we can help with the costs associated.

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After Care Support

After your abortion you may want some comfort items. We can provide you with a comfort package that includes: a homemade (made with rice) heating pad, snacks (granola bars, fruit, tea) and a gift card to a local pharmacy so you can get what you need.


Information, Resources & Referrals

Navigating the healthcare system can be confusing and intimidating.
ASSA can provide you with information on abortion services available in your area, we can share resources and when appropriate, refer you to other community organizations or your healthcare provider.

Please Note: ASSA does not provide medical advice, diagnose or perform clinical duties.

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